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Analysis of the advantages of sports tights

Fitness as people's lives more and more important, the movement is also more and more into people's lives, sports tights is not just a movie star or professional athletes exclusive, sports tights is not only highlights the role of muscle look good, more important Is to protect the muscles, relieve fatigue, accelerate blood circulation, antibacterial deodorant, anti-static and other effects! The following for you one by one.
Sports tights highlight the edges and curves of human muscles, to bring beauty and enjoyment. This is what we are more familiar with, but also a relatively direct role Oh!
Professional sports tights will have a sense of oppression on the surface of the human skin, increase the skin surface of the blood circulation, while the muscle wrap can make people feel excited, so full of strength, kind of eager to feel.
Effectively promote the decomposition of lactic acid to prevent the accumulation of lactic acid more comfortable body will not exercise after the body soft and sour, the body is due to the movement of muscle friction caused by the accumulation of lactic acid. Sports tights can effectively prevent the accumulation of lactic acid;
Breathable quick drying
The top of the sports tights with a unique high elastic fabric can quickly sweat so that you always keep dry body movement more comfortable and healthy and the fabric itself efficient green color fastness to the EU standard.
Deodorant antibacterial
Fabrics use imported antibacterial dyes, in the form of natural penetration and fabric integration. So often or repeatedly washed will not have its impact, to prevent the breeding of bacteria to curb the odor generated. Making the sports population more healthy and safe.
UV resistant UV50 +
Sunscreen anti-UV index up to UPF50 +, noon sun strong, allowing the skin from strong UV damage. Used for golf exposure, long outdoor sports, riders.
Professional sports such as soccer, basketball, badminton, baseball, athletics, weightlifting, gymnastics, boxing, rugby, kayaking, skiing, cycling, fitness, mountaineering, Sanda, fishing, etc. Dozens of kinds of sports. In the field of leisure, it is also in a pivotal position.
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