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How to choose sports bra correctly

Sports underwear size with the general underwear size method is different, is small, medium, large (S, M, L) distinction. To our lower bound as the choice of sports underwear standards, therefore. When buying sports lingerie, be sure to try it yourself and decide which piece is right for you. Try on the body, the arms should be stretched and left and right swivel. In order to feel the movement of the underwear fixed and elastic effect.
In addition, according to their own exercise type to choose sports underwear: If the indoor movement more, should choose white or light and so on more beautiful; if the heavy exercise more flexibility to choose a more convenient and practical.
Sports underwear is a clothing that can be worn to public places, but it is best to wear only when exercising. On the one hand, sports underwear need to often change the regular wash, so that sweat soak for a long time detrimental to the quality; the other hand, sports underwear design emphasizes the movement function, does not show the beauty of the female chest curve, so, regardless of sports underwear when the summer Clothing wear on the outside, or as it wear bra underwear inside, are not conducive to shape, is not conducive to cooperation with the exterior.
Choose sports underwear to choose the appropriate size, generally the size of the following bust prevail, do not buy too much, or else not play a certain role, this is my personal experience, and then must choose a big brand Good quality, high permeability of sports underwear, so more conducive to perspiration.
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