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What is the role of sports bra

Sports bra underwear is a ladies to do all kinds of exercise to protect the chest and do not interfere with the action of the special underwear. It has anti-vibration and sweat function. Any strength of the movement can make the woman's chest by the vibration, sports underwear both fixed from the impact of vibration from the chest, but also to avoid the chest on the movement of the obstacles. Exercise always sweating, sports underwear is another function of sweat, breathable, dehumidification, deodorant. Again, sports underwear generally good flexibility, easy to flexion and extension of limbs.
Sports underwear through the design of the strong support and the whole constriction constraints, so that the breast and the body to form a whole, exercise up skill. On the other hand, sports underwear fabric is generally high elastic cotton, both suitable for perspiration, but also suitable for warm, it is appropriate to limb stretch.
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