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Yoga clothes purchase method

Practice yoga, a loose, comfortable clothes so that the body can be free to move, to avoid your body, breathing is limited, so that physical and mental relaxation, feel good, more quickly into the yoga state. Soft fit professional yoga with the body movements of the bending ups and downs, elastic moderate, but also show your elegant temperament. Clothing is a manifestation of culture, is the style of the show, it makes the yoga of the mediator is reflected in the movement between.
There is a growing variety of clothes in the market that are suitable for sports. Texture, style, style, color, style, different, everyone can choose according to their own preferences Italian clothing, but yoga is a set of gentle, stretch, focus on one of the fitness methods, so the yoga clothes On the choice, the recommendations refer to the following:
Bamboo fiber is a new natural fiber, is a combination of physical and chemical methods of natural bamboo fiber, natural bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp fiber is essentially different, bamboo fiber belongs to the natural fiber, bamboo pulp fiber is chemical fiber The The successful development of bamboo fiber marks the birth of another natural fiber, which conforms to the national industrial development policy. Natural bamboo fiber with a moisture absorption, breathable, antibacterial antibacterial, deodorant, anti-ultraviolet and other good performance.
Simple, generous, neat. Do not have too many ornaments (especially metal), belts or knots on the clothes to prevent chrome from the body and cause unnecessary harm. Should be stretched freely limbs, the whole body does not feel bound to prevail.
Trousers do not tightly tied to the natural open is appropriate; trousers to tight mouth or tie rope is appropriate, because yoga in some supine action, tight mouth can prevent the pants down. Winter clothing to trousers, long clothing-based. Summer with shorts can be equipped with trousers.
Try to choose fresh, elegant colors to pure color for the best, so you can relax the visual nerve to make yourself quickly calm down. Do not let the color too jump, garish, make you feel the color of excitement try not to wear yoga when the time to wear. The color is best in white.
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